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Abbey Square
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Georgian Chester

Georgian Carriage

Abbey Square Chester

Walk through the old red sandstone arch opposite Chester Town Hall, where you will enter Abbey Square, a beautiful Georgian square.
See our panoramic movie of Abbey Square here.

Georgian Door in Chester

Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison (1744-1829)

The famous Georgian Architect who worked in Chester and the North West. Born in Yorkshire and trained in Rome, he then practiced for much of his life in Chester. Arguably the greatest architect of his day in the North West of England, he left the region a legacy of fine Georgian architecture in the Greek and Roman revival style. Some of his building plans include: rebuilding Chester Castle, Crown Courts, Grosvenor Bridge, Northgate Arch (Chester) and Portico Library (Manchester).

Grosvenor Bridge Chester
The Grosvenor Bridge

Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison
Georgian Architect of Chester and Lancaster 1744-1829

by John Champness. Learn more about the Georgian architecture of Thomas Harrison, this book is available from the Centre for North-West Regional Studies at Lancaster University.
Georgian Door Canopy, Chester

Georgian Doors in Chester
- Chester has so many fine Georgian buildings.
More photos of Georgian Chester to come!

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