Wednesday 22 May 2024
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Roman Legions In Chester

Roman Weekend Chester

8th Roman Legion - Legio VIII

The 8th Roman Legion (Legio VIII) at the Chester Amphitheatre. (above)

Roman Crossbow

Roman Weapons. (Above) A large crossbow (Ballista?) exhibited in the Chester Amphitheatre.

Roman Emperor Costume

The Roman Emperor addressing the crowds at Chester. (above)

Roman Chester

Roman Soldier Uniforms

Roman XX Legion

20th Roman Legion at Chester - (Legio XX Valeria Victrix) (above)

Photos from The Roman Weekend in Chester.

In summer Chester becomes host to 2 Roman Legions who descend on this roman city. Re-enactment groups set up camp in Chester to show us first hand what Roman life was like. Over the weekend there are many events including chariot racing on the racecourse, encampments at the Amphitheatre & behind the cathedral, gladiator battles and a march through the city centre. See our Roman Chester page. See also Roman Tours and Roman Living History Society

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