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Postcards of Chester

Grosvenor Hotel

The Grosvenor Hotel and Eastgate Street. (above)
Taken before the Eastgate Clock was built. This photo was taken before 1897!
Today the clock is one of Chester's popular attractions, but has only been around for just over 100 years.


The Cross, Chester. (above) Where Eastgate meets Bridge Street.
Not sure of the date of this postcard? maybe 1940s. Not much has changed only the people and shop signs. Here is a recent photo of Chester Cross.

Bridge Street, Chester. 1940's.

The Eastgate Clock taken from Foregate Street.

The Blossoms Hotel
The Blossoms Hotel, Foregate Street c1924 The Blossoms Hotel

Gods Providence House, Watergate Street, Chester. c1910

Blue Bell Inn
The Blue Bell Inn, Northgate. 1908

Origins of it's name? A Blue Bell was hung on the building so the people who did not know how to read could know the name of the Inn. Or the bell may refer to the curfew bell in the abbey bell-yard, rung every evening to warn strangers to leave the city before the gates were closed at 8pm.

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