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Chester Roman Amphitheatre
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Top Tourist Attractions In Chester

Chester Zoo

What's On At Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is one of the UK's top tourist attractions, offering a fun packed day out for everyone, no matter what age. You can see over 500 different species of animals, visit the award-winning gardens. A fantastic day out for the family.

Chester Zoo Tickets

Chester Zoo is open all year from 10am except Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Chester Zoo, Upton-by-Chester, Chester CH2 1LH

Baby Giraffe Calf Zahra Giraffe calf Zahra and mother, Aoife. (above)

Chester Rows & Timber Framed Buildings

Chester Cross

Timber Framed Buildings

Visitors come from all over the UK and the world to visit Chester. Chester is one of the most beautiful historic cities in England, famous for its galleried rows, Roman remains, shops & boutiques, the town crier, ghost walks and complete city walls. Chester is remembered best by visitors for the black & white timbered buildings that are Tudor style. "It's like walking back in time through Old England".

Chester Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre

The ruins of this unique Roman Amphitheatre in Chester. The photo above shows them being excavated. To find out more about the Romans and Roman Chester you can visit Dewa Roman Museum or The Grosvenor Museum and also Guided Tours of Chester. The best time to see and talk to the archaeologists is in the summer when they are busy working on the amphitheatre dig. This was one of the largest Amphitheatres in Britain.

Roman Tours

Roman Tours

As an organisation we provide a huge amount of historical profile for Chester. We also provide several free events in Chester each year to promote the Roman heritage of the city. We also are in partnership with the Grosvenor Museum where we provide education Roman tours to more than 30,000 key stage 2 students each year. We have won best tourist experience 3 times and are behind the Roman Chester Festival. We run Roman tours throughout the year from the town hall at 12 noon and 3pm.

Dewa Roman Experience

Dewa Roman Experience

The actual Dewa Roman Fortress is now buried under today's Chester, but it lives on through the Dewa Roman Experience. Can you decipher the roman numerals on this museums entrance?

Chester's museums and tourist attractions are all well sign posted
and within easy walking distance of each other.

Museums in Chester

See our seperate page for The Grosvenor Museum

Military Museum Chester

Chester Military Museum, Chester Courts

Located next to Chester Crown Courts

St John's Church

St Johns Church Chester

St John's Church, Vicar's Lane, Chester CH1 1SN
The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, the original Cathedral of Chester! Located next to The Roman Amphitheatre.

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral Tours

Chester Cathedral is a Church of England cathedral built on Anglo-Saxon foundations dating back to the year 907. Since then it has gradually been extended and rebuilt three times, the most lasting design from 1250 being what we see today. For the first 530 years it was known as Saint Werburgh's Abbey after the remains of the Saint it housed. The Dissolution of the Monasteries saw it become a cathedral. It was thanks to the admiration of King Henry VIII that it has survived.

Cathedral At Height Tour
Our tower tour with a twist will allow you to immerse yourself in our unique blend of medieval and modern history. See one city, two countries and five counties from the top of the cathedral tower. Climb through 900 years of history and discover our hidden spaces.

Chester Cathedral

The Eastgate Clock

Eastgate Clock The Eastgate Clock

Today the Eastgate Clock is our city landmark which is a popular photo stop and features on many guides to the city. Erected on top of the stone archway over Eastgate Street in 1899. The Eastgate Clock was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee of 1897.

The stone archway underneath the clock was built earlier in 1769 to replace an earlier Medieval gate which replaced an even earlier roman gate!

Complete City Walls

Chester Walls

Chester has a complete stone wall surrounding the city which you can walk on and see views of the city you would not see at street level. See the Norman defences, Roman fortifications/walls, Chester Castle and the city gates. You can get on and off the walls at different points along the way.

Note, sometimes the walls are being repaired in places so you might not be able to walk the complete route. Take an online tour of the city walls here

The River Dee at Chester

Queens Park Bridge

The River Dee is very popular in the summer months where you can sit on the banks and listen to brass bands play in the old band stand, or take a leisurely cruise on the showboats, hire a rowing boat or motor boat, take a walk along the path on the banks to the Earls Eye, watch out for Cormorants or feed the Swans, buy a Cheshire ice cream, watch the river boats from the beer gardens. A great place to relax on Sunday afternoons!

Grosvenor Park in Chester

Grosvenor Park, Chester

Grosvenor Park was one of the first public parks in the UK outside of the industrial cities and was given to the citizens of Chester (Cestrians) in 1867 by Richard Grosvenor, the Second Marquess of Westminster. It is the ideal place to relax on hot summer days. There is also a miniature steam railway for children! Next, follow the winding paths that take you down to the river.

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