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Midsummer Parade Chester
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Midsummer Watch Parade

Midsummer Watch Parade Chester

Midsummer Watch Parade 2022
Weekend 18 &19 June 2022
Start from Chester Town Hall
Over 500 years of history comes to life as the famous Chester Midsummer Watch Parade takes to the streets once again. Elephants, Devils, Angels, Mythical Beasts, Pirates and Ravens are amongst the menagerie of characters making this event one of the largest of itís kind in the country. Itís community festival at itís best, street theatre at itís most colourful and exciting. Not to be missed.

Normally starts from the Town Hall Square map
The Chester Midsummer Watch Parade originated back in 1498, maybe earlier and was held every summer solstice except years when the Chester Mystery Plays were performed. Today the parade is very popular, where Cestrains & tourists line the Rows to get the best viewpoint. The parade normally starts on Sat & Sun nearest to the summer solstice in June. Starting at the Town Hall Square the carnival then marches through the main streets of Chester. - Look out for the family of giants, the red devil, dragons and white puppets.

Photos from The Midsummer Watch Parade in Chester..

Devil at the Watch Parade

Puppet at the Watch Parade

Summer Solstice Parade


The Family of Giants in The Midsummer Watch Parade

Midsummer Parade

Summer Solstice

Samba Band

In December during the Winter Solstice, Chester also has a Winter Watch Parade!

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